Virgo's Celebrity

This is really known as Posh's page. This page became necessary because the Precious page was getting too full. Normally, the first two pictures would come under the title of precious.

Tanzi, Posh, and Boomer

Eye to eye with Boomer

Virgo's Celebrity

Sleeping in her toy basket

The next two pictures qualify her as a lap dog.

Owen and Posh

Gina and Posh

The next three pictures indicate she may be a show dog.

Virgo's Celebrity

In training

Comal County Kennel Club Match
Winning the working group at the Comal County Kennel Club February match

Virgo's Celebrity
The best in match ring. Too bad the judge liked the Frenchie.

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Virgo's Celebrity

Posh in her bomber jacket

Posh and Celeste

Posh and her mom

Doggie Jail

Posh in doggie jail


It starts like this


Then this

Finally this

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