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Boxer Puppy
Boxer Puppy by Beth Proctor Rasmussen

In the summer of 2006, we purchased a four month old fawn Pug puppy bitch from Linda Moore in Dallas. We named her Virgo's Brazos Belle and we call her Bebe or Busy Bee or Bubble Butt.

Bebe 10.jpg - 95300 Bytes

Gina & Bebe in Dallas

Bebe 15.jpg - 54200 Bytes

Bebe in her new home

Bebe 8.jpg - 63700 Bytes

Bebe in her small bed

Bebe 16.jpg - 63900 Bytes

Bebe in her new crate

Bebe 6.jpg - 68000 Bytes

Bebe with the Monkey and a chew toy

Bebe 13.jpg - 82300 Bytes

Bebe with Owen at Pet Fest

Bebe 12.jpg - 61500 Bytes

Stetson, Gina, Owen, & Bebe

Bebe 11.jpg - 52800 Bytes

Bebe the cheerleader

Bebe 14.jpg - 76200 Bytes

Stetson & Bebe sharing a drink

Bebe 9.jpg - 58700 Bytes

Bebe's first point

Bebe 7.jpg - 65400 Bytes

Best of Breed in San Antonio

On May 27th, 2008, a miracle took place. A litter of two flashy fawn bitches was born to Ch Ringside's Beebop A Lula and Ch Virgo's Market Boomer by frozen semen implant. We received our puppy on July 24th via Contenental Airlines from Seattle to Austin with a stop in Houston. She was in perfect shape. We named her Virgo's Perfect Timing at Ringside aka Icy. Her sister is called Chilly. Thank you, Morgan's. Icy is truly a gift from heaven.

Icy quickly made her self at home with the Boxers and Pug, but as we have had more than 40 days with temperatures of 100 or more this summer, she probably thinks she left heaven and went to the other place.

Icy 3.jpg - 65900 Bytes

This is a really small pillow

Icy 2.jpg - 81300 Bytes

This is more like it

Icy 1.jpg - 95900 Bytes

We call our front yard "scortched earth"

Bebe 17.jpg - 67200 Bytes

Boxers aren't so tough

Icy 4.jpg - 61800 Bytes

Maybe they are

Icy 5.jpg - 11800 Bytes

What did you find?

Bebe 18.jpg - 77700 Bytes

Whose pillow is it now?

More later.

In the winter of 2002 and the spring of 2003, we were blessed with two flashy fawn boys out of Rigo (Ch Virgo's Vindication) and two champion bitches. Rigo and Ch Doo Dah's Logan Elm Xana Doo Dah produced Ch Doo Dah's Texas Style of Virgo (Stetson) whelped Dec. 19, 2002 and Rigo and Ch Korvette's Lil Red Callie produced Virgo's Lucchese (Lucc) whelped April 8, 2003). Stetson is a famous brand of western hats established in 1865 stetsonhat.com and Lucchese (pronounced lou-kay-see) is a wonderful brand of handmade cowboy boots established in San Antonio in 1883 lucchese.com.

A series of hat and boot photos follow:

stetpup2.jpg - 54346 Bytes


stetson.jpg - 43889 Bytes


lucc1.jpg - 37606 Bytes


l&s1.jpg - 58734 Bytes

Lucc and Stetson

l&s4.jpg - 53695 Bytes

Stetson and Lucc

lucc14.jpg - 68359 Bytes


lucc16.JPG - 102943 Bytes

Bad Lucc

stetson3.jpg - 42097 Bytes

Stetson and the famous bomber jacket

Stetson5.JPG - 54623 Bytes

Stetson and Cher

Stetson & Bud.JPG - 33806 Bytes

Stetson and Bud

Stetson on couch.jpg - 32111 Bytes

Stetson on the couch

Stetson Pull.jpg - 66028 Bytes

Stetson and his pull toy

Luke n tina.jpg - 64689 Bytes

Tina and Lucc

Luke2  Head Shot.JPG - 31247 Bytes

Virgo's Lucchese

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