Our Home on the River

Our House

This is the new home of Virgo Boxers looking from the street. We are truly blest to be living on the beautiful San Marcos River in The Falls at Martindale a few miles east of San Marcos, Texas.

The Kennel

The Kennel is to the right of our house looking from the street. There is a fenced paddock area to the right of the kennel building. This picture was taken on February 28, 2001.

Our orchard in May

This is our orchard in mid May. We have peaches, plums, pears, figs, apricots, and necterines. The trees are really loaded with fruit.

Painted Kennel

Our kennel now matches the house

Front Yard

We have a small patio with a propane grill. This is where Boomer, Tanzi, and Celeste play and act tough when someone comes by.

The breezeway
Our breezeway looking toward the street. There is nearly always a breeze blowing though here and we have a set of wind chimes hanging in it to provide us with soft, soothing, beautiful musical sounds.

The Upper Deck
We have two wooden decks facing the river. This is the upper deck outside our living room door.

The Lower Deck

Our lower deck is 80 feet long.

The Dock

We have a dock on the river which is ideal for catching fish and launching canoes or just relaxing.

Looking Up River
This view is looking up river (to the left of the dock).

Looking Down River
Looking down river (to the right of the dock).

We had a minor flood last November and a major flood this November. The next picture is the way the bed and breakfast deck across the river usually looks.

 Bed and Breakfast Deck

This is the way it looked the first weekend in November, 2000.

 Bed and Breakfast Deck Under Water

This is the way it looked the morning of November 16th, 2001

 Bed and Breakfast Deck Under Water Again

The cypress tree is normally on the shore just below our dock.

Cypress tree surrounded by water 2000

November 2000

Cypress tree surrounded by deep water 2001

November 2001

Top of the Steps

This year the water rose to within two feet of our lower deck. In this picture, the water has started back down. You can see the debris on the third step down. In 1998, it touched the bottom of the deck. That was called a 100 year flood. I guess we have now had two 100 year floods in three years.

Ande and a water snake

We found this small water snake in our neighbor's yard after the water receded.

The bridge to Martindale

The bridge into Martindale was under water for about a day. We were very fortunate to not suffer any damage, but many others in the area were not so lucky.

Rasmussen Family

This is our daughter Beth, her husband Ande, their son Dane, and daughter Tess sitting under one of their cypress trees. They also live on the river less than a half mile from our home.

Boxer Weather Vane

The weather vane on the roof of the kennel is one of Market Boomer's favorite trophies from the Blue Bonnet (Houston) Boxer Club.

Kennel Runs
Looking from the paddock area toward the house.

Inside the Kennel
Inside the kennel looking toward the house.

Inside the Kennel
Inside the kennel looking toward the paddock.

Rigo Inside the Kennel
Rigo enjoying the air conditioning with the outside temperature over 100 degrees F.

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