The Rose Litter


On Saturday morning, August 15, 1998, between the hours of 2 and 6 am, our ABC Grand Futurity winner, Ch Virgo's Celebration bred to Ch Virgo's Magnum P. I., presented us with a lovely litter of babies. There are three girls and two boys. This is a special date for us because it is the birth date of our first Boxer, Princess Cindee of Irwin, who was born 40 years earlier.

This is the first litter we have had in nearly three years and we were a little out of practice.

Luckily, Celeste delivered them naturally as we have had a run of several c-sections.

We decided to name the puppies after roses because Celebration is the name of a rose (Golden Celebration) and Celeste (her call name) was also a rose.

The primary reason for naming them for roses, however, is that Celeste was exquisite as a rose.

Celeste was a wonderful mother with lots of rich milk and was extremely caring of her babies.

August 14th:

Fat Celeste

Fat Celeste

August 15th:

Celeste and her roses

Celeste with new babies

Five tiny rose buds

To see the pups grow, click on the date buttons below.

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